Trade with confidence.

Trading signals

Create buy and sell signals on any number of strategies you have active in the platform.

Build Systems

Vanguard AI is a powerful platform where you can build indicators and back test strategies .

Custom Indicators

Our VAI Script editor allows traders to create, modify, share & copy indicators and systems.

Perform consistently.

Take full control

Full software version will be available to everyone. We believe in empowering all traders.

Automatic data Downloads

VAI will automatically download daily PSE data. We are currently working on having real time data available soon!

VAI Programming language

Our goal is to give traders the maximum freedom and flexibility when it comes to analytics. If you can think it, you can build it with our easy to understand VAI Script.

talk to us

We don’t bite! Our platform is made by traders for traders. Head over to our community forums if you’re stuck and we’ll find the time to help you code your system.

Automate customs scanners

Easily make your own scanner and consistently identify any stocks matching your criteria.

Want to plot those out in your chart? VAI can do that too!

Back Test Strategies

Save time (and money!) by back testing your strategies before implementing them in live trading.

Frequently asked questions

Or contact us at any time
What can your software do?

You can do a lot of things with Vanguard AI Software like charting, creating trading systems and trading alerts. But we are not stopping there with so many more features in the development pipeline.

Can I make my own indicators?

Yes! You will be able to modify existing indicators and even create your own!

Will I be able to create my own trading system?

Yes! That is the core function we want to acheive in Vanguard AI, to be able to allow traders to create their own systems and be alerted for any trading signals.

Is it really free?

Yes! For now, Vanguard AI will be 100% free for all to use. There is no definite future pricing yet but we’ll make sure to make the program available for all.

Minimum Requirements

This trading platform requires Windows 8 or higher operating system with at least 4GB of free RAM (higher is preferred), multi-core processor (quad core and above is preferred), enough disk space (SSD is preferred) and an Internet connection.

Where can I learn the VAI language?

VAI Script language is an easy but powerful language specifically made for traders. You can access it below.