Advanced Pattern Recognition Introduction

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Vanguard AI’s Advanced Pattern Recognition software is a template driven, fully dynamic, pattern recognition engine for identifying patterns in financial data. Our technology uses fuzzy logic to match dynamic patterns in stock, futures and forex data with extreme speed and accuracy.

Fuzzy Logic Processing

Human traders use implicit learning to identify patterns in price data. This occurs when traders are repeatedly exposed to certain complex price patterns, and eventually develop a personal understanding for the pattern even though the pattern and predictive feeling cannot be verbally explained in human language. 

It is proven that fuzzy logic systems can be effectively used for decision-making support of trading processes by reproducing the intuitiveness of human traders. 

Vanguard AI’s APR fuzzy logic processor identifies patterns as human traders would. APR features several optimization parameters, which allow you to fine tune the fuzzy logic pattern identification process based on your own preferences.

Pattern Based Alerts and Back Testing

APR can be used as a basis for creating real-time pattern alerts or back testing strategies based on pre-defined or custom pattern definitions. APR ships with several pre-defined patterns such as Channels, Double Bottoms, Double Tops, Flags, Head & Shoulders, Pennants, Trend, Triangles, Triple Bottoms, Triple Tops, Wedges and other patterns. Custom patterns can be created using the supplied pattern designer utility, which you may deploy to your end users.

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