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Watchlist are a quick way to group various stocks together. You can create a watchlist based on your favorites, another watchlist based on sector or category. You may create unlimited number of watchlists and apply them in the various other modules found in Vanguard AI.

To create a watchlist, click the WATCHLIST icon found on the Home Toolbar.

It will show you a list of stocks to choose from for your watchlist, you may use SHIFT-Click or CNTL-Click to select multiple stocks. Once you’ve done that, right click and choose ADD TO WATCHLIST.

The watchlist settings will pop up and you may click the Create New Watchlist icon found on top. If you already have an existing watchlist, choose and click the watchlist you want to add the stocks to and click Add Selected Items to List found on the lower right.

To remove a specific stock from a watchlist, simply right click and choose Delete. To delete a specific watchlist, click the Delete Watchlist icon found on top of the watchlist settings window.

Afterwards click SAVE AND CLOSE.

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