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You can plot various graph types in VAI, to help visualize indicators and signals. The most common graph type would be the line graph, a moving average line would be called a line graph while the MACD histogram would normally use a stacked bar graph. Other types can be plotted in charts such as stepped lines and even dots which are commonly used for Parabolic SAR.

Plot/Graph Types
line – displays a continuous line graph
bar – displays a bar graph
stackedbar – displays a stacked bar graph
step – displays a continuous stepped line graph
point – displays a small circle
point-cross – displays an x mark
point-thincross – displays a thin x mark
point-square – displays a square
point-diamond – displays a diamond
point-plus – displays a plus sign
point-hexagon – displays a hexagon
point-triangle – displays a triangle
point-invertedtriangle – displays an inverted triangle
point-star – displays a star

Sample Script

//Plot a red 20 day moving average on the price chart
Set SMA = SMA(close,20)

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