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VAI screener is a powerful tool to make screening for stocks easier and less stress free. You may create, modify and display as many screeners widgets as you want. Within a screener widget however, you can put in up to 5 scripts or strategies.

To create or modify a screener, you need to first click the SCREENER ICON found on the Home Toolbar on top of the window.

The Screener Settings will pop up and simply click NEW to create a new screener and click Save afterwards. To modify an existing screener group, simply double click it to edit.

Group Name: Input the name you want for this screener
Load Script: Choose a script to use for the screener
If you have scripted it properly, all the other fields (Script Name, Buy Variable, Sell Variable) should automatically be filled up.

Once you have the screener in place, you have to choose to which watchlist the screener will apply to. Click the WATCHLIST button to choose from you own list or select STOCK LIST to manually select individual stocks.

Afterwards, simple click RUN SCREENER and it will show on your Dashboard.

Click here to learn how to script using the VAI Language step by step.

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